Website Pre-Launch Check List

  • Make a favicon
  • Make sprites
  • Combine, Minify and Compress CSS and JS
  • Test all pages in all major browsers
  • Install a warning message for IE 6
  • Check all meta data
  • Check to make sure you have a styled 404 and 500 error pages
  • Make sure you’re using page caching
  • Make sure you have google Analytics installed
  • Make sure the site works with out Javascript turned on or that you have a javascript required message.
  • Add a print style sheet
  • Add a Sitemap for search engines
  • Proofread content
  • Double check your links (
  • Test all forms for validation and functionality
  • Optimize the site for performance,

Règle de police

  • La police du logo est Harabara - Forcer l’écartement des caractères de 1pt (espacement en étendu de 2pt)
  • La police des textes est Calibri

Rouge ScAc R:213 V:33 B:45

Jaune ScAc R:235 V:232 B:57

Bleu de minuit R:0 V:51 B:102